Always a furrow further

The farm is now entrusted to Giovanni Barba, a graduate in Agriculture, who is the managing director and who dedicates his full-time to looking after the farm in all its aspects; Domenico Barba, Doctor of Economics, who is the managing director of the S.I.A.I. Ltd., an important market leader in the industrial production of bricks; Vincenzo Barba is an electrical engineer and is involved in consulting and in the organization of information systems

The Barba brothers are supported by numerous collaborators: Stefano Chioccioli (oenologist), Alessandro Pelliccioni (production manager), Andrea De Simone (agronomist), Pietro Piccioni (export manager), Marco Monachese (order management) e Rina Faraone (logistics and shipping): the people in the Barba group have great passion and human depth, and they strive, in the happy habitat of an exceptional territory to give Barba unique style, always aimed at the research of the highest quality.