The Abruzzo value


Rightly called “Green Region of Europe”, Abruzzo Abruzzo is known for its coasts, lakes and mountains. The more careful travellers, however, will not fail to notice the beauty of its hills, situated between the foothills and the coastal area, declining on the sides of more or less extensive river valleys.

 It is precisely on the hill ridges of the Vomano river, between the towns of Cellino Attanasio, Atri, Pineto and Roseto, where the company Barba is situated. It is an area with a profound agricultural vocation, in which predominate , favoured by a mild and bright climate. Here, the summer offers long sunny days alternated with cool nights, winter is mitigated by the influence of the nearby Adriatic Sea, with an average annual temperature of 12-16 ° C, and a good rainfall and ventilation.

Equally special is the soil of the floodplain of the Vomano, characterized by Plio-Pleistocene deposits which, in the late Tertiary and early Quaternary, filled the Periadriatic basin with a marine sedimentary cycle. The result is an undulating landscape with with large bumps almost flat and rounded sides, often interrupted by steep slopes due to erosion – the calanchi (gullies). The land thus originated has a clay-arenaceous structure, with variable thickness according to the inclination and the exposure, and a medium-low water retention.