In the track
of the tradition,
the trace of the future


The Barba family
carries on the legacy
of ancient traditions


Through the years
the same tenacity
and the same dedication

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The same
innovation capability.


The generosity
and the vocation
of a territory


The romantic side
of our wines

montepulciano d'abruzzo i vasari barba
trebbiano d'abruzzo di mare
montepulciano d'abruzzo docg
montepulcino d'abruzzo doc
trebbiano d'abruzzo igt
trebbiano colle morino barba
carasuolo abruzzo barba
montepulciano d'abruzzo colle morino
pecorino d'abruzzo igt


An all-round

Always a furrow further


The “Abruzzo” value

Territory, land, geography and climate. Abruzzo as the added value to the Barba company


The Barba estate
The Barba estate
The Barba estate
The Barba estate
The Barba estate
The Barba estate

Cultivation & processing

The vineyards the harvest, the cellar, the wine process and the role of the oenologist


Ambitious wines

Honours and awards
news & press room

684 hectares in total – 574 hectares are used for animal and industrial and zootechnic productions: green and dry fodder; cereals for the production of concentrated flours – 68 hectares of vineyards – 19 hectares of olive groves and 23 hectares of nectarine, plum and cherry orchards.